Jacqueline Plunkett

Jacqueline Plunkett is an intellectual property (IP) lawyer with experience in private commercial law, government, policy, trade and international law.

Jacqueline completed a Bachelor of Laws/Bachelor of International Relations at La Trobe University. She has previously worked in private practice in property & planning, commercial and corporations’ law, tax, immigration, trusts, estates, employment, litigation, trade marks and designs, government and health and aged care. In 2012, Jacqueline determined her passion was in IP and moved to Canberra to commence this specialisation at IP Australia.

Aside from attending High Court IP cases and appointment ceremonies, budget nights, and experiencing several “spills”, Jacqueline spent approximately three years as a Trade Mark Examiner, examining thousands of applications, undertaking specialised trade marks examination (such as plant marks), contributing to internal working groups on practice standards, legal research and systems improvements.

Jacqueline was later promoted to the Trade and Policy Projects section of IP Australia where she worked on matters such as:

  • trade mark issues papers,
  • geographical indications and wine regulations,
  • copyright/design overlap,
  • customs & PPSA registers,
  • competition,
  • alternative dispute resolution and enforcement of IP.

Her experience culminated in working on World Trade Organisation IP matters such as trade policy review mechanism and investment, e-commerce and IP issues in free trade agreements, and acting as Assistant Director to the department. Jacqueline most recently gained negotiation experience in the ongoing Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership trade agreement.

Outside of the law, Jacqueline plays piano, cello and sings as well as volunteering in legal aid, YMCA Leadership Development and Camping Adventures Programs and as a Lifeline Phone Crisis Counsellor.

In a snapshot, Jacqueline seeks to bring clients a practical, enforceable approach that combines commercial skills with international and trade strategic experience.

Jacqueline can be contacted on +61 3 9620 9660 or via email at info@mdplaw.com.au.