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John Christiansen



Dip. Applied Physics, Registered Patent Attorney (Australia & NZ)

+61 3 9620 9660

John has almost 50 years’ experience in the patent profession working with some of Australia’s most progressive and well respective firms. He began his career with Griffith Hack, where, after thirteen years, he joined Smith Shelston Beadle and became a partner.

John then established his own patent practice and for the next 20 years operated as a sole practitioner patent attorney and trade mark agent. He continues to operate his consultancy from Melbourne and East Gippsland.

Over this time, John has worked with a wide variety of clients, from sole inventors to large multinational corporations, to identify and capture their intellectual property rights. John is able to advise on the best strategies clients should adopt in protecting their intellectual property to ensure they are able to meet their requirements while staying within their budget.

Through John’s practice, he has developed a well-respected network of overseas associates and is able to advise clients on a range of patent-related issues across a variety of jurisdictions. He has particular expertise in technologies including remediation of acid sulphate soils, solar panel apparatus, production of metal can ends, food technology, pipeline technology, thin-film laminates, plastics forming methods and apparatus, ammunition (weaponry) and agriculture.

Janice Yew

Janice Yew

Lawyer, BCom JD at mdp
Janice joined mdp in 2013 as a law clerk while completing her Juris Doctor at the University of Melbourne. In 2015, she came onboard full-time as a law graduate, and started working in the firm’s property, commercial and intellectual property practices.
Janice Yew

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