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mdp is Proud to be Part of Small Business Festival 2017

mdp Admin | July 3rd, 2017

We are proud to announce that mdp is part of Small Business Festival 2017, Australia’s largest small business festival!

What is the Small Business Festival?

Launching on 1 August and running until early September 2017, the festival is a great opportunity to learn the secrets of small business success. It has hundreds of events covering 20 topics on how to develop marketing ideas, be exposed to the latest trends and digital techniques and learn from stories of successes and failures.

Where does mdp come in?

We are fortunate to host not just one but TWO events at the Small Business Festival. mdp Patents and mdp Law are running an event each – one about how protecting your IP can give you an edge over larger competitors, and one about the importance of intellectual property (IP) protection before exporting overseas.

IP can seem very daunting… and, well, costly. These events will give you a better insight into the best way to protect your brand, whether locally or overseas.

1. Keep Your Competitors at Bay, Protect Your IP

By Gavin Doherty from mdp Patents

Who is it for?

This event is for you if you want to gain an edge over larger competitors.

What will you learn?

  • The importance of IP in the real world
  • An introduction into IP assets, such as patents, trade marks, copyrights, and design secrets
  • How you can protect each of these IP assets
  • How you can ensure your competitors are not infringing your IP

The details:

Date: 2nd August 2017
Venue: The Kelvin Club
Time: 12pm to 2pm
Cost: $30 (Lunch included)

2. Exporting Overseas? Mind Your Intellectual Property

By Jacqueline Plunkett from mdp Law

This event is part of the Events Hub at Donkey Wheel House in Melbourne, which features over 40 events across three weeks (8-25 August) under one roof. These are high quality, affordable events which will help people boost their business profile, manage risks and achieve more with less. 

Who is it for?

Businesses – big and small – looking to export or expand overseas.

What you will learn:

  • An introduction of Australia’s exports performance and top five trade partners, China, Japan, Korea, United States and India
  • The importance of protecting your IP before going overseas
  • The strategies for IP protection in these jurisdictions

The details:

Date: 22nd August 2017
Venue: Donkey Wheel House
Time: 12pm to 1pm
Cost: $15

We look forward to seeing you there!

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