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Emergency Warning Systems

Victoria Konya | January 11th, 2016

2015 shaped up to be a very successful year for Emergency Warning Systems Ltd (EWS).

EWS has continued to develop and promote its patented technology that allows responsible authorities to communicate critical safety alerts and emergency messages to a hyper-local audience by overriding FM radio stations received in a target area.

The first EWS product, the MOBILE FM80, which is capable of operating from a moving emergency vehicle, is currently being manufactured by Bosch at their world-class facility in Melbourne. This will be closely followed by the development and manufacture of the FIXED FM80, an emergency warning device that operates from a fixed location.

The versatile and extremely useful warning system technology has garnered significant interest internationally following demonstrations in the Philippines, Thailand, the UAE, South Africa, Sweden and the United States.

EWS began confirming orders this year, with its first major customer being the Jakarta Police, who will build 66 units of the MOBILE FM80 into their new fleet of hi-tech police cars early next year.

We look forward to seeing further exciting developments for EWS in 2016.

More information on EWS can be found at their website.

Victoria Konya

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