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The HENDO Hoverboard and ARX PAX LLC - Patent & Trade Mark Advice

Gavin Doherty | January 11th, 2016


As a young teenager in a country Victorian town, a trip to the movies was like escaping to another world.  So I can fondly recall leaving the makeshift ‘cinema’ at Hamilton Performing Arts Centre in 1985 after viewing Marty McFly’s latest adventures in Back to the Future II, dreaming of the world as it would be in 2015 with flying cars, self- adjusting clothes and, most importantly, hoverboards.

Though 21 October 2015 (the day Marty and Doc Brown exploded into the future) has come and gone and I still have to do up my own shoe-laces and battle the congested roads in my car, thanks to one of our US-based clients, at least the hoverboard is a reality!

ARX PAX LLC is a Silicon Valley technology company who have invented Magnetic Field Architecture™ (MFA) technology, which is a more efficient way to transmit electromagnetic energy.  ARX PAX LLC are applying this technology across a variety of applications, ranging from structural isolation applications to create earthquake-resistant buildings, through to industrial automation and transportation applications.

ARX PAX LLC is the parent company of Hendo Hover, the team behind the hoverboard and the Australian and New Zealand patent applications directed to hoverboard applications of the MFA™ technology.

At mdp Patent and Trade Mark Attorneys we are very pleased to be associated with clients such as ARX PAX LLC who are able to prove that we really are living in the future.

More information about ARX PAX can be found at their website

Gavin Doherty

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