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Overseas Trade Mark Applications

Janice Yew | October 21st, 2015

mdp assists a number of clients with international trade marks strategies. We work with clients to determine the scope of protection required, and then provide advice on which is the most efficient method to obtain that trade mark protection.

Overseas trade mark protection is important in two ways:

  1. firstly, it gives enforcement and protection rights over trade marks; and
  2. secondly, it ensures that a trade mark owners continue to have freedom to operate (including freedom to use their own trade marks) without the use and registration of the trade mark being blocked by a subsequent third party trade mark application in a foreign jurisdiction.

In most cases, the Madrid Protocol will provide a cost-effective means to obtain international trade mark protection. The Madrid Protocol is a system which enables applications to be filed in Australia for trade mark protection in certain overseas jurisdictions (including the European Community and United States).

In countries where the Madrid protocol is not the best option, we work with our international network of trade mark agents.

Our intellectual property team will work with you to determine the best trade mark strategy for your business.

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Janice Yew

Janice Yew

Lawyer, BCom JD at mdp
Janice joined mdp in 2013 as a law clerk while completing her Juris Doctor at the University of Melbourne. In 2015, she came onboard full-time as a law graduate, and started working in the firm’s property, commercial and intellectual property practices.
Janice Yew

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