International Experience

Our solutions are informed by firsthand experience of operating successful international businesses.

Due to the nature of our practice and our clients’ businesses, we have extensive international experience and a strong global focus. We continually assist with global business expansions into new markets, including through capital and fundraising, corporate structuring and cross-border transactions.

Every day we are working on protecting and commercialising new innovations, brands and intangible assets internationally for multiple clients, including licensing and selling intellectual property.

International Network

With so many of our clients working globally, we need to be able to obtain prompt, high-quality and cost-effective legal support from all corners of the globe, whenever required.

Our clients benefit greatly from our extensive international network of advisors spanning 155 jurisdictions. All our advisors are carefully selected based on the quality and timeliness of their advice and their like-minded approach. Members of our International Referral (IR) Group network, like us, are responsive and forward-thinking and offer legal advice alongside broader strategic development support for businesses.

Unlike conglomerates, we have the flexibility to choose the best international advisors for each matter and provide you with cost-effective advice and strategic solutions.

Our Services

  • International filing of trade marks, patents and designs
  • Protection and commercialisation of new technologies in new markets
  • Negotiating and drafting commercial agreements for new markets, including:
    • complex intellectual property licence and royalty agreements;
    • software licences;
    • shareholder agreements; and
    • partnership agreements.
  • Expansion of online businesses, both locally and internationally
  • Corporate structuring and restructuring for tax efficiency, risk management and investment
  • Fundraising and capital raising
  • Commercial and strategic advisory
  • Strategic advice on business growth and foreign market entry
  • Cross-border transactions
  • International structuring and incorporation

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