IP Commercialisation

We believe that integrating your IP and commercialisation strategies will get your business investment- and growth-ready.

We have worked alongside our clients through the process of getting their businesses investment-ready. Our commercialisation approach ensures you hold your assets in entities that are risk- and tax-effective. Whether you are seeking to apply for or commercialise your intellectual property assets, locally or internationally, we will guide your business through every step of the process.


Intellectual property licensing can be the most cost effective way of obtaining the most value from your intellectual property. It allows you to retain control over these assets while providing an ongoing income stream.

Conversely, licensing also gives rise to particular risks that need to be managed.

Whether you have existing intellectual property or an idea or innovation on which you would like to capitalise, we can advise you on the best commercialisation alternative for your business. We also negotiate and draft licence agreements to ensure that you are in the most commercially advantageous position.

Our Services

mdp offers a comprehensive and integrated suite of commercialisation services including:

  • Protection and commercialisation of new technologies, including licensing or sale of such technologies
  • Negotiating and drafting commercial agreements, including:
    • complex intellectual property licence and royalty agreements;
    • research and development agreements;
    • software licences;
    • distribution agreements;
    • shareholder agreements; and
    • partnership agreements.
  • Expansion into new and international markets
  • Cross-border transactions
  • International structuring and incorporation
  • Corporate structuring and restructuring for tax efficiency, risk management and investment
  • Fundraising and capital raising
  • Commercial and strategic advisory
  • Breach of contract
  • Due diligence and intellectual property audits
  • Transactional advice

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