Trade Marks

Engaging a trade mark lawyer to secure trade mark protection for your business is vital in establishing a viable commercial branding strategy.

Registering a trade mark in Australia or internationally is an essential way to identify and protect your unique brand — both as a valuable marketing tool and business asset.

A trade mark distinguishes the goods or services of one business from those of another in the same market. A trade mark may be granted for a name, word, logo, and even a colour, sound or a smell.

Once your trade mark is registered, you can also prevent other businesses and individuals from using it in relation to the same or similar goods and services.

This will protect the investment you have made, or good will and reputation you have already accrued over time, in your brand, safeguarding your commercial interests in your market. You will also then have the legal right to use, licence or sell your trade mark. The bottom line is, if you do not secure trade mark protection for your brand, someone else might.

Why register a trade mark with mdp?

If you are looking for a trade mark lawyer in Melbourne, mdp can provide the guidance and expertise you require. mdp works to understand your business and commercial drivers, and to identify your trademarking opportunities and needs. Our ability to identify these points of difference and create a strong branding strategy means that you can:

  • protect yourself and your commercial interests, branding investment and the good will that may have already been established in your brand with proprietary rights;
  • prevent other commercial entities from using your valuable, novel or inventive trade mark, or a similar trade mark, without your approval;
  • gain nation-wide protection without having to register your trade marks in individual States and Territories, or international protection for your global business;
  • add value to your business by creating a transferrable and valuable and protected intellectual property asset (which could also make your business investment ready);
  • make franchising and licensing your business easier;
  • avoid lengthy court battles that come with trying to prove intellectual property misappropriation and misuse.

By engaging the services of mdp for your trademarking needs, you will be working with a firm that seeks to enhance your commercial position, while understanding the life stages and commercial imperatives, needs or limitations of your business.

We offer an effective and valuable blend of corporate, intellectual property and strategic commercial law experience. This allows us to create a holistic trade mark strategy that benefits and safeguards all stages of your business’ development and growth.

Our Australian and international trade mark services

mdp offers the full range of trade mark law services.

Effective trade mark strategy and protection needs to go further than simply registering trade marks— that’s why it’s important to find a firm that can look after your commercial interests throughout the entirety of the trademarking process.

mdp provides:

  • A detailed analysis of your business, in order to determine the most valuable and worthwhile intellectual property registrations for your business, that will, if secured, afford you the scope of protection for your needs.
  • Expert knowledge to give your business the best chance of progressing through to trade mark registration, both on a local and international level, and to avoid costly oppositions to registration.
  • Immediate and effective response to any opposition to your trade mark application.
  • Immediate responses to counter any infringements of your registered trade mark rights.
  • Consistent advice and management for your trade mark portfolio, including expert monitoring, identification and consultation about trade mark renewals. Our advice will ensure that your portfolio remains cost effective and that you only pay to renew trade marks that are vital to your business.
  • A proactive infringement risk strategy that will protect your trade marks from appropriation.

The beauty of our integrated service is that you gain all the benefits of a consistent and holistic approach to intellectual property asset creation and protection as part of a broader, commercial strategy. By working together, from your trade mark application through to its renewal, we foster a long-term relationship with you.

It is this relationship that enables us to provide the best advice to ensure your commercial interests are protected and your trade marks work for you.

Let us help you with your trademark, whether it is identifying, applying or enforcing it.

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